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29. Николай   (22.09.2012 21:54) E-mail
Красивые собаки, понравились гроссы, интересная порода и очень хороший сайт. Отличная работа ! thumb

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28. Caro Nobile   (09.07.2011 16:07) E-mail
Разрешите поздравить с такой ошеломительной победой Вашего питомца ! DYTONA VIP Чемпион Мира!!!!!!!!!!

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27. Angelica Jimenez   (04.04.2011 07:48) E-mail
Congratulations on that big win with Benito!!!!
My husband and I are very proud of him, and grateful with all you guys: Irina, Andrey and Nicolás.
We hope you he continue making you proud and gives you a lot of joy and love, as I can see you give him.
Thank you very much for everything!!!!!
Love from Mexico!!!!!!!

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26. Angelica Jimenez   (04.04.2011 07:46) E-mail
Thank you Irina, Andrey and Nicolás for the wonderful job you have done with Benito. My husband and me are very proud of him, and grateful with all of you.
I hope he makes you happy and proud!!!!!
Love from Mexico!!!!!!

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25. Weerin   (03.02.2011 06:15) E-mail
Your Frenchies are absolutely georgous.

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24. Светлана   (02.02.2011 11:42) E-mail
Замечательный сайт, собаки очень красивые. Бернский зенненхунд - необыкновенно красивая собаки, очень нравится эта порода. Борзые - сама элегантность. Успехов и удачи Вам. smile

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23. Анжела   (18.10.2010 14:39)
Привет из Украины!С удовольствием просмотрела Ваш сайт и Ваших питомцев.Очень красивые собачки-выращенные с любовью.Желаю Вам дальнейших успехов в
процветании питомника.С уважением,Анжела.

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22. Angela   (02.09.2010 10:18)
Hello! I from Ukraine. On Internet open spaces has glanced on your site. At you very beautiful and informative site. Dogs simply charming. I wish you the further successes in our common cause and nursery prosperity. Yours faithfully, Angela.

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21. Dave and Cheryl Gerzabek   (16.01.2010 03:31) E-mail
Hello from America,

Hearing such nice comments on the Alpina/Zhrets litter makes us very happy that one of these puppies will be coming to live with us. We are very proud and gratefull to Andre and Natalia for thinking us worthy of one of their puppies. We are very excited to meet our new boy and to see Natalia and Nicolas again in February.

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20. nikos   (14.01.2010 23:38) E-mail
hi from cyprus
I wish all the best for the breed in the future

conggratulations on all your winnings cry

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19. Olaf Verhorevoort   (03.01.2010 22:36) E-mail
Great dogs !
I saw several in person at the big shows, and they are even nicer in real life !

Congratulations !


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18. Ellen Mies   (27.11.2009 18:16) E-mail
Dear owners from Alpina!
Many congratulations to those very very nice puppies from Alpina and Zhrets! The are really cute and look great and handsome! We met in Dortmund on the dogshow and I was glad to here that everything went ok with the birth of the puppies and now I´ve found the nice pictures on your homepage. I am lucky and also a little bit proud that my dog Brigo is the grandpa from your little "Alpinazhrets", so lovely Greater Swiss Mountains biggrin ! A big kiss from their grandfather Brigo and their uncle Helge and Best regards from me of course mixed with a big kiss for Alpina-mama, enjoy the time those little nice "mouse-nouses" stay with you before they will certainly find a good new familly, greetings to you, biggrin
Ellen with Brigo and his son Helge

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17. Demimo   (02.11.2009 02:51) E-mail
Desde España, daros la enhorabuena por los resultados en Badajoz (España) el 30/10/2009 EXC 1º AVIGDORS BISCUIT VENCEDOR,BOB juez JAVIER SANCHEZ(ESPECIALISTA) y el 31/10/2009 EXC 1º AVIGDORS BISCUIT VENCEDOR CACIB, MEJOR DE RAZA, 3 DEL GRUPO 9º.

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16. LUDOVIC GERONA FROM FRANCE   (10.07.2009 16:51)

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15. Annette Norell   (14.02.2009 00:17) E-mail
Hello from Sweden smile We have given 2 breeds common .. fantastically beautiful mini bullterrier you have. Lovely color on Solovyev Charodeyka
Best Regards

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